Together since 1996, Christian and Virginia were formed with renowned teachers and their first professional experience was in 1997. Since then, they have participated in major national and international shows like “The tangos of Kabbalah”, “Piazzolla Tango”, “Copes Tango Copes”, “O’Tango”, and many other shows directed by renowned dancers and choreographers. Since 2002, they have started to travel to different cities in Europe and Asia, teaching workshops and participating in important tango festivals. In 2006 they were invited to be the leading couple of the video clip “Diferente” by Gotan Project. They are currently stable dancers of companies “O’ Tango” and “Coorporación Tango “.

In Buenos Aires they work hard in order to transmit their knowledge to new generations of dancers. Their dance is characterized by the precision and quality of their movements, elegance, and the most pure and essential Tango.



Carlos began to dance tango when he was 12 years old and developed his technique by studying the great masters of tango. He was invited to perform with Ricardo ”Chiqui” Pereyra, Enrique Dumas, Raul Lavie, Maria Grana, Guillermo Fernandez and Mariano Mores. In April of 2005 he won the championship of the Patagonia Tango Festival in San Carlos Bariloche.  Carlos has formed part of manyTango shows such as, ”Tango Emotion” “Tango Historias Breves”, “Sabor a Tango”, “Tango Odisea”, and ” Tangorama” among others.  Traveling throughout England, Italy, Russia, Chile, Turkey, Israel, Uruguay, Canada, United States and Mexico.

Carlos is the lead character in “Niña Del Tango” a short film directed by Jason Eberly that premiered in Los Angeles and New York in 2013 which received a nomination for Best Short Film after being  an official selection of 11 international film festivals, including two Oscar qualifying.

Mayte is highly trained in diverse dance techniques such as Classical ballet, Modern jazz and tango. She began dancing when she was 6 years old. At a very early age she performed with the company “Miami City ballet”. In the production of “The Nutcracker” Touring throughout Florida USA.  She continued her studies in Buenos Aires Argentina at the “Teatro Colon” and with various ballet masters.  Mayte was trained in Argentine Tango by the greatest tango masters in Buenos Aires.  She has performed in many tango shows such as ” Chiquilin Tango”, “Tango en el Maipo” “Tango historias breves” and “Tanguera”, the musical” among others.

Mayte is the lead character in “Niña Del Tango” a short film directed by Jason Eberly that premiered in Los Angeles and New York in 2013 which received a nomination for Best Short Film after being an official selection of 11 international film festivals, including two Oscar qualifying.  Mayte received a nomination for Best Actress as well as the “River Rhythm Award” at the Silent River Film Festival and continues her formation in the art of acting.

Carlos & Mayte are currently part of the most prestigious Tango festivals in the  US and are working on the pre-production of their first feature film “Eliana”.

Graciela Gonzalez

Graciela Gonzalez is recognized throughout the world and especially among the more traditional milongueros de Buenos Aires, for her ability to integrate new ideas into the elegance of tango salon. Started dancing in 1988, her teachers, legends of Tango Argentino, were Pupy Castello, Pepito Avellaneda, Antonio Todaro, Gustavo Naveira, Juan Bruno, Tete, Nito and Elba, among many others.

Without any doubt, Graciela Gonzalez stands among the most significant pedagogues of the history of the tango. She is characterized by a spirit of innovation which always respects the authentic roots of the tango. She created a course called technique for women, universally recognized, and a course of technique offering guidance to men. The majority of respected and well-known tango dancers in recent years have taken these courses.

Graciela’s method is the fruit of years of study. Her study has been dedicated to the study of the language of the body and to the analysis of sensations received when dancing with milongueros. Her objective: to help students learn from sensations and “body memory” and combine this with technical studies to achieve an elegant natural dance position.

In Argentina, Graciela Gonzalez, the foremost women’s instructor, offers classes in women’s technique. She focuses on walking with utmost quality and all the elements used in follower’s dancing. Elements such as ochos, boleo and many others. There is an emphasis on posture, breathing, and how to contact and use the floor with a very quiet yoga-like approach. Men are welcome to these classes. And smart men often attend. Men gain technique, technique, and more technique.

In 1997 she formed the first group of teachers – Grupo de profesores (in Argentina, Israel, Brazil, Germany and Italy) to promote research and dissemination of Argentine Tango through her method and group teaching. She has taught in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Israel, USA, Brazil, Chile and Russia.


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina “Pancho” studied from the age of 13 years in Folk Dance, Malambo, Bombo and Boleadoras, Classical Ballet and Jazz. His tango masters were Héctor Falcón Tango and Susana Rojo, Juan Carlos Copes, Celia Blanco, Raul Bravo, Mingo Pugliese, Osvaldo Zotto, Rodolfo and Maria Cieri, Rodolfo Dinzel, Flask. Pancho has made numerous presentations in tango shows such as Red Ink, Café Tortoni and La Cumparsita, Supertango 97 & 99, Taste of Tango, Friends of Tango, Bizarre Tango Company, as choreographic assistant under the direction of Rodrigo “Joe” Tie, with Mora Godoy and at La Esquina Homero Manzi. In 2002 he participated in the musical directed by Omar Pacheco Tango choreographed by Mora Godoy, at the Teatro Nacional. The play won 5 awards ACE. He also participated in the film Fatal Tango directed by Carlos Copello, as a singer, actor and dancer. From 2005 to 2009, Pancho choreagraphed and toured with the dance musical Tango. In 2011 he joined the cast of the musical life Tita … Tango Time, starring Nacha Guevara.

Since 1996 Pancho teaches Tango in Argentina and countries around the world. He has danced with many of the most famous tangueras, such as Maria Nieves and Milena Plebs. For the past two years, he has partnered with Lorena Ermocida and they are creating their own tango magic.

Lorena Ermocida graduated from the Academy of Classical and Contemporary Dance, and devoted herself to the study of the Argentine Tango with teachers like Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau, Gustavo Naveira and Olga Besio, Mingo and Esther Pugliese, Antonio Todaro, among others. She has worked as a dancer and teacher in the Gallery of Tango Argentino, has participated in several documentaries and films like Evita. She has worked as a choreographer and dancer in various programmes, such as the Gotan project with Juan Carlos Copes; and Tango x 2 in 1995 and 1996. With her partner Osvaldo Zotto, she worked with the famous singer Julio Iglesias from 1999 to 2008 and has performed in festivals and major theaters around the world including the Metropolitan Opera House in New York, the Royal Albert Hall in London, Luna Park, Bs, l ‘Opéra de Paris, among others.
She has worked in Europe, the U.S., Canada and Switzerland and participated as guest of honor at the 2010 Festival of Florianópolis. Lorena won the Massine Positano Prize for her contributions to tango and has for several years participated as a judge at the World Tango Championships of Buenos Aires.