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Nito & Elba

Nito & Elba have been an NTW favorite and are the only teachers who have been coming to the event every year for over 20 years.

Elegant and graceful, Nito and Elba Garcia are two of the most beloved and respected tango dancers, well into their sixth decade of dancing, who have toured the world as ambassadors of tango.  Elba was born in Junin, Buenos Aires and Nito in Buenos Aires Province.  Nito started his professional career by winning fifteen consecutive dancing contests from 1955 – 1965.  In 1966 he performed with Osvaldo Pugliese in Cielo de Barrilete at the Marconi Theatre. Since the early 1990s Nito and his partner Elba have been guest performers and teachers in established tango festivals throughout the United States – from San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Texas, Las Vegas, and Hawaii.  Plus Mexico, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Jamaica.  When in Buenos Aires, they perform regularly in the tango show at the Esquina Carlos Gardel, have been invited to teach at CITA every year and are highly in demand as private coaches for professional couples in Buenos Aires.  

Nito & Elba tour to international festivals to teach the true essence of Argentine Tango and have toured extensively in the Western hemisphere, starring during events in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, England and Spain as well as in Japan, Russia, and Israel.

Jonathan & Clarisa

Jonathan and Clarisa are part of a new generation of young dancers who are dedicated to the art of Tango.  They both seek the same objective: to live tango; make it our lifestyle; to feel it; and to share everything which vibrates in our classes and performances.  The humble beginnings as a professional dance couple began in our native Cordoba, whose people have supported unconditionally throughout their careers.  Their impossible dream became a reality when they became the 2015 World Champions.  Jonathan and Clarisa find themselves traveling around the world, leaving their mark at the most famous tango festivals and dance academies and are certain that this is only the beginning of their wonderful career as professionals.



Maria & Roberto

María Inés Bogado started dancing when she was 12 years old. She grew up with folklore and received her degree in Folklore Argentino at the Centro Polivalente de Arte de Ezeiza. In 1994 she discovered tango and began studying with Cristina Pugni and Diego Gauna. In 1997 she continued her studies with Carlos Perez and Rosa Forte at the Club Sunderland. During this period she met Sebastián Jiménez with whom she entered into a professional tango partnership.

In 2010 they won the title of Metropolitan Champions of Vals and World Champions in Tango Salón. After winning the titles they went on an intensive tour around the world, teaching and performing at the most prestigeous tango festivals on all continents. Among other festivals, they participated in: the International Festival of Tango Salón in Łódź, Poland, Singapore International Tango Festival, Belgrade Tango Encuentro in Serbia, Tango Festival Porto in Portugal, and Planetango in Moscow, Russia.

María Inés and Sebastián decided to pursue new professional endeavors in 2016 and she started to teach and perform with Jorge Lopéz, with whom she already danced on the streets of Buenos Aires at the beginning of her career. In 2018 she started to work with Roberto Zuccarino. She continues to travel all over the world, teaching solo and with her partners at festivals, performances, giving private classes, and seminars.

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Los Totis

Together for the same passion they traveled a long road so getting to be a couple who are known for their strength, maturity and defined tango style.

Since 1996, were formed with renowned masters and their first experience in the tango dance was in 1997.

Since then they participated in important national and international shows  directed by renowned dancers and choreographers.

Since 2002 they travel to different cities in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and EEUU giving workshops and being part of important events and Tango Festivals.

In 2006 they were invited to be the leading couple of the video clip ¨Diferente¨ of Gotan Project.

In Buenos Aires they participate in the most important Tango Festivals as CITA, Tango Salón Extremo, Argentina Tango Salón, Mujercitas among others and also travel to different cities of the country to give classes and seminars for the purpose of transmit their knowledge to new generations of tango dancers.

They are also invited by the Government of Buenos Aires, to serve as jurors of the Metropolitan Tango Championship and World Tango Championships.

Their dance is characterized by the precision and quality of their movements, the elegance and preserve the purest and essential tango.