NTW 2019 DJs


San Francisco (Welcome Milonga 7/3)

When Olga took her first tango class she immediately discovered that this dance was a meaningful language with endless possibilities to create and interact. She became addicted to the dance and started collecting traditional and alternative tango music right away. DJing has opened new doors for her to entertain dancers and connect with the community. With a diverse music taste, Olga combines tandas that tap into the mood of the milonga. Her goal is to keep everyone dancing and let the dancers experience the range of emotions that tango communicates. You can catch Olga at the milongas in San Francisco and East Bay.




DJ Varo

Los Angeles

As an avid dancer himself, Varo has a deep appreciation for tango music as a crucial part of the overall milonga experience for each dancer.
As a DJ, Varo strives to create a musical atmosphere that inspires dancers and connects with them on the emotional level. While DJ-ing, he is always connected to the dancers-either by observing the energy and the interactions of the dancefloor, or dancing in the middle of it.
In addition to selecting good tango songs, Varo pays detailed attention to the structure of the playlist. He comprises the tandas and the relationship of tandas to each other in a way to establish a harmonious flow of the energy, and to develop emotional-energetic contrasts with a tasteful climax and rise that resonate within each dancer. Varo regularly DJ’s at milongas in Los Angeles and Southern Calfornia. He has DJ’d along with Otros Aires and Narcotango. He is also invited to DJ tango at festivals all over the US.


DJ Marcelo Rosensaft


Marcelo Rosensaft was born in Uruguay and has been living in Israel since 1977 where he has been DJing since 2011. He is considered to be one of the best DJs in the area. He is not only a DJ, but also a devoted ‘milonguero’.

Marcelo first visited New York City in 2011 and returns yearly, several times a year. In 2014, he spent 4 months in NYC and while attending the local milongas, some organizers ‘discovered’ that he is also a DJ. That was the beginning of his visits as a DJ not only to NYC but Philadelphia, Denver, Boston, Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco. In NYC, where he visits regularly, he has been the DJ in most of the milongas and is appointed again and again. In 2018, Marcelo started DJing in larger events, mainly encuentros milongueros. As he becomes more known among the event organizers and the milongueros, he is getting more and more invitations and is already scheduled for several events in 2019.

His music is very traditional and well balanced. People cannot stop dancing and as he gets to be better known in the USA and Canada, more and more people attend milongas because he is the DJ. Though he starts with a pre-arranged playlist, he makes sure that the music matches the situation on the dance floor and the ambiance of the milonga. Being the DJ does not prevent Marcelo from dancing a lot during the milonga while feeling the dance floor.

He has developed a computer program and with a screen projector, it shows the playing tanda and the next one coming up- orchestra, vocals, etc. This approach not only has been educational to the dancers, but it also helps them plan the next tanda if they wish.



DJ SAbah

San Diego

Sabah got addicted to Tango in the late nineties. It started with dancing and now it includes being a DJ. Tango music occupies his thoughts and energizes his spirit and he is in constant search for good music. Although he tries to vary the music he plays, He is heavily influenced by the style of dance in Buenos Aires as well as the music played at the milongas there so feel free to call him old fashioned he said. He lives for Golden age music. The emotional impact of the music is what he looks for in addition to the musicality.

Emily Pierce BW.jpg

DJ Emily Pierce


Emily Pierce first discovered Argentine tango at the University of Oregon and then went on to DJ and organize tango events in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years. Most recently, she has relocated to Portland, Oregon. She has been DJing alternative and traditional tango events for over a decade and was a longtime DJ at Project Tango’s Cellspace alternative milonga in San Francisco. She is now a regular DJ at Portland’s Wednesday Tango milonga and other local milongas. Her DJing philosophy is to play danceable music with a good energy flow to appeal to a wide audience of dancers. Her past dance influences include ballet, Lindy Hop, African dance, salsa, and ballroom.