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Seth Asarnow y su Sexteto Tipico

Seth Asarnow learned his first tango (A media luz) at age four. Soon after that time, he began piano lessons and established a firm musical foundation. He went on to teach himself other instruments as well, becoming a multi-instrumentalist of the highest caliber. Seth has performed as acoustic bassist behind such well-known jazz artists as pianist Dick Hindman and alto saxophonist Richie Cole. He has toured Japan with his own piano trio and recently co-composed and performed the film score for the movie “Bartleby” (©2002 Outrider Pictures) which features him playing the theremin.

It was in 1987 after seeing the show “Tango Argentino” that he fell in love with the bandoneon. He was determined to find one and learn a few tangos on it. During the last few years he has steeped himself in the tango tradition by extensive listening, study and practice. His repertoire now consists of hundreds of tangos. His influences include Troilo, Federico and of course, Piazzolla, whom he met in 1989. He is entirely self-taught on bandoneon.

A music critic from a Spanish newspaper wrote an article calling him “Pianista Notable” after hearing him play the piano in a tango club. Since that time he has been affectionately called by his friends and admirers.

While pursuing his duo with various Bay Area guitarists, Seth also varies the instrumentation of his group NotableTango to include piano, bass, and violin, as well as working with dancers. He also continues to be a regular featured musician at the annual Nora’s Tango Week, as well as a Bay Area bandoneon teacher and pianist.